browser.h File Reference

Classes that manage the scene. More...

#include <boost/thread.hpp>
#include <openvrml/script.h>

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class  openvrml::resource_istream
 An abstract input stream for network resources. More...
class  openvrml::resource_fetcher
 An abstract factory for resource_istreams. More...
class  openvrml::stream_listener
 An interface to simplify asynchronously reading a resource_istream. More...
class  openvrml::invalid_vrml
 Exception thrown when the parser fails due to errors in the VRML input. More...
class  openvrml::viewer_in_use
 Exception thrown when attempting to associate a viewer with a browser when the viewer is already associated with a browser. More...
class  openvrml::browser_event
 A browser-wide event. More...
class  openvrml::browser_listener
 This class should be inherited by classes that want to listen for browser_events. More...
class  openvrml::node_metatype_registry
 Registry for node_metatypes. More...
class  openvrml::browser
 Encapsulates a VRML browser. More...


namespace  openvrml
 The OpenVRML Runtime Library.


typedef void(* openvrml::register_node_metatypes_func )(node_metatype_registry &)
 The signature of the node module entry point.


std::auto_ptr< node_type_decls > openvrml::profile (const std::string &profile_id) throw ( std::invalid_argument , std::bad_alloc )
 Get a node_type_decls map corresponding to a particular profile.
void openvrml::add_component (node_type_decls &node_types, const std::string &component_id, size_t level) throw ( std::invalid_argument , std::bad_alloc )
 Add the nodes corresponding to a component level to a node_type_decls map.
void openvrml::local::parse_vrml (std::istream &in, const std::string &uri, const std::string &type, const openvrml::scene &scene, std::vector< boost::intrusive_ptr< node > > &nodes, std::map< std::string, std::string > &meta)


const char openvrml::vrml_media_type [11] = "model/vrml"
 VRML MIME media type.
const char openvrml::x_vrml_media_type [15] = "x-world/x-vrml"
 Experimental VRML MIME media type.
const char openvrml::x3d_vrml_media_type [15] = "model/x3d-vrml"
 X3D VRML MIME media type.

Detailed Description

Classes that manage the scene.