openvrml::script_node_metatype Class Reference

Class object for script_nodes. More...

#include <openvrml/script.h>

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Public Member Functions

 script_node_metatype (openvrml::browser &browser)
virtual ~script_node_metatype () throw ()

Private Member Functions

virtual const
boost::shared_ptr< node_type
do_create_type (const std::string &id, const node_interface_set &interfaces) const throw ()
 Not implemented.

Detailed Description

Class object for script_nodes.

There is one script_node_metatype per browser instance.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openvrml::script_node_metatype::script_node_metatype ( openvrml::browser browser  ) 


[in] browser the browser to be associated with the script_node_metatype.

openvrml::script_node_metatype::~script_node_metatype (  )  throw () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

const boost::shared_ptr< openvrml::node_type > openvrml::script_node_metatype::do_create_type ( const std::string &  id,
const node_interface_set interfaces 
) const throw () [private, virtual]

Not implemented.

This method is not implemented because the Script node implementation, unlike other node implementations, cannot provide the implementation of an EXTERNPROTO. It is an error to call this method.

Implements openvrml::node_metatype.