File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
bad_url.hExceptions indicating various types of resource retrieval failure
basetypes.hBasic types for representing data in VRML/X3D worlds (color, rotations, vectors, etc.)
bounding_volume.hBounding volumes
browser.hClasses that manage the scene
event.hEvent emitter and listener interfaces
exposedfield.hDefinition of openvrml::exposedfield
field_value.hField value types
frustum.hDefinition of openvrml::frustum
node.hAbstract node types and supporting types
node_impl_util.hDefinition of utility classes to facilitate node implementations
rendering_context.hDefinition of openvrml::rendering_context
scene.hDefinition of openvrml::scene
scope.hDefinition of openvrml::scope
script.hPluggable scripting engine support
openvrml/viewer.hDefinition of openvrml::viewer
gl/openvrml/gl/viewer.hDefinition of openvrml::gl::viewer
vrml97_grammar.hVRML97 Spirit grammar and associated parsers
x3d_vrml_grammar.hClassic VRML X3D Spirit grammar