openvrml::color Member List

This is the complete list of members for openvrml::color, including all inherited members.

b() const openvrml::color [inline]
b(float value)openvrml::color [inline]
g() const openvrml::color [inline]
g(float value)openvrml::color [inline]
hsv(float(&result)[3]) const openvrml::color
hsv(float h, float s, float v)openvrml::color
make_color()openvrml::color [related]
make_color(const float(&rgb)[3])openvrml::color [related]
make_color(const float r, const float g, const float b)openvrml::color [related]
operator!=(const color &lhs, const color &rhs)openvrml::color [related]
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const color &c)openvrml::color [related]
operator==(const color &lhs, const color &rhs)openvrml::color [related]
operator>>(std::istream &in, color &c)openvrml::color [related]
operator[](std::size_t index) const openvrml::color [inline]
r() const openvrml::color [inline]
r(float value)openvrml::color [inline]