OpenVRML is a free cross-platform runtime for VRML and X3D available under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The OpenVRML distribution includes libraries you can use to add VRML/X3D support to an application. On platforms where GTK+ is available, OpenVRML also provides a plug-in to render VRML/X3D worlds in Web browsers.


OpenVRML 0.18.9

OpenVRML 0.18.9 has been released. This release incorporates changes to build with Boost 1.47.0, XULRunner 12.0, and libpng 1.5.

OpenVRML 0.18.8

OpenVRML 0.18.8 has been released. This release fixes an erroneous change to the library version number in the 0.18.7 release.

OpenVRML 0.18.7

OpenVRML 0.18.7 has been released. This release includes changes to build against XULRunner 2.0, project files for Visual C++ 2010, and minor bug fixes.